Release Notes

Release 2.3 (7/31/2020)


  • The application now includes updated scoring methodology 2020.2.[1]
    • Users can switch between available methodologies, including methodology 2019.1, 2020.1 and 2020.2 (the default selection) under Profile > ”Settings.”
    • Methodology 2020.2 includes the new wildfire indicators.
    • All portfolios are scored for all available methodologies; switching the methodology allows users to view portfolios with the methodology they chose, without having to score again.
    • Scorecards report which methodology was used.
  • The application includes a new Filter feature within the real assets View Portfolio It is available in all three views: “Summary Table,” “Details Table” and “Map.”
    • Clicking on the following headers within the Filter feature allows users to filter by several characteristics:
      • “427 Categories” allows users to filter by Activity, Country and City.
      • “Risk Categories” allows users to filter by specific risk score ranges for each hazard.
      • “Custom Categories” allows users to filter by up to five custom columns if any custom columns were provided in the portfolio upon import.
  • Third Party Benchmarks
    • The application now makes alternative country benchmarks available to customers with subscriptions to those benchmarks. These alternative benchmarks are based on the following licensed third- party universes and are only available for countries in which the universe has at least 30 facilities:
      • Nova – available for six countries, with a total of about 58,000 facilities
      • GeoPhy – available for 30 countries, with a total of about 59,000 facilities
  • API users can now choose which available scoring methodology they’d like to use.

[1] Scoring methodology 2020.2 includes the addition of the wildfire hazard, including its four indicators.

Download full release notes here.