Camille LeBlanc

Camille LeBlanc has over 25 years of experience in creating next-generation content experiences as founder, investor, board member, and CEO of start ups that are at the intersection of independent research, media, and technology. As a strategic advisor to Four Twenty Seven, Camille brings extensive expertise in developing and growing innovative information-based businesses that range from global macroeconomic analysis and advisory services in financial markets to social content distribution platforms in consumer online publishing markets.

A serial entrepreneur, she has founded companies such as Roubini Global Economics, the leading independent global macroeconomic research and advisory firm serving public and private sector financial institutions around the world, including central banks, treasury ministries, hedge funds, asset managers, private equity firms, banks, and corporations.

She also founded an award-winning B2B social news and marketing technology platform, Blancspot Media, publisher of an industry-first social news application that rose to the No. 2 top selling news app in the U.S., ranked the top No. 5 top selling in 26 countries, and promoted as App of the Week worldwide. The company was selected as a top developer by Google, Apple, and Verizon. Investors in her companies include well-known financial sector and financial policy investors as well as a leading Hollywood film producer.

She serves on the board of both Roubini Global Economics and Blancspot Media. Camille has been working with or founding early stage companies since 1992 and is an advisory board member of the Berkeley Startup Cluster, a founding member of Women’s Entrepreneurs of Berkeley and the Proxy Board initiative. She has a BA in economics from the University of Massachusetts and an MA in Information Management Systems from UC Berkeley’s iSchool.