Siraphob (Gain) Boonvanich

At Four Twenty Seven, Gain optimizes cloud infrastructure and climate data processing to support the development of climate risk analytics.

Previously, Gain worked at Weathernews Inc. where he helped transform cloud infrastructure and developed various weather research applications, including radar and satellite image processing, machine learning models and demand prediction.

Stephanie Auer

As an Associate Director, Research, Stephanie develops and incorporates metrics of novel climate indices into Four Twenty Seven’s products and services.

Stephanie’s background is in data science and conservation ecology. She has worked for NatureServe and the California Academy of Sciences in ecological forecasting, data visualization and mapping, with a focus on analysis and communication for climate change adaptation planning.

John Naviaux

As an Associate Director, Research, John performs stochastic modeling of climate and weather data to advance Four Twenty Seven’s climate risk analytics.

Prior to joining the team, John worked on topics ranging from transportation economics in Los Angeles to particle physics at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland. John went on to monitor arctic mercury pollution in Norway as part of a Fulbright Fellowship, and ultimately received his Ph.D. at Caltech for his research on the ocean’s response to climate change.

Nik Steinberg

As Managing Director, Research, Nik leads the research team and guides the modeling efforts to assess the attributable impact of climate change on human health, supply chains, infrastructure and the natural environment.

As a climate and water risk specialist, Nik focuses on ways to assess climate and development induced risk through advanced statistics, climate change models and impact evaluation methods. Previously, he served as an environmental risk specialist in South Asia, the Middle East and Central and South America and has conducted environmental impact evaluations for USAID, US Department of State, Pacific Gas & Electric, NASA and the Millennium Challenge Corporation.

Colin Gannon

At Four Twenty Seven, Colin assesses clients’ specific climate risk over space and time, helping to build products which integrate the most recent climate change datasets and research into a user-friendly interface.

Previously, Colin worked at the Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre where he authored a report on near-term climate change in Zambia and its sector-specific impacts. Colin has a background in applied climate science, using computational statistics, geospatial analysis and business intelligence applications to process, analyze and communicate climate data.

Josh Turner

As a Director, Research, Josh curates datasets, applies data analysis and develops written and visual materials to convey clients’ specific climate risks.

Prior to Four Twenty Seven, Josh worked with the Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre to establish a preliminary climate risk assessment for anticipatory humanitarian action in Lomé, Togo. Josh has a background in meteorology, climate data analysis and communication of complex scientific information.