Financial Climate Risk Regulation

Central banks and supervisors are becoming increasingly vocal on the need to address climate change as a material financial risk, and are beginning to play a key role in catalyzing financial regulation on climate risk. From issuing statements, to convening stakeholders and surveying markets, their actions can have meaningful implications for financial actors both nationally and internationally. Staying up-to-date on these developments will provide early indications of regulatory action to come and give insight into potential rippling market impacts.

Our series, on financial climate risk regulation provides a summary of key developments related to climate risk regulation. Our first three factsheets cover France, the United Kingdom and the European Union, summarizing their stance on the financial risk of climate change, outlining key actions and highlighting upcoming dates to remember.

Read the Factsheets:

Financial Climate Risk Regulation in France

Financial Climate Risk Regulation in the United Kingdom

Financial Climate Risk Regulation in the European Union