Delaware’s Climate-Ready Workforce Pilot Project

Changing climate conditions threaten the health and safety of the State of Delaware’s most important assets: its workforce. Building on momentum at the state level to assess climate risks and implement relevant adaptation actions, Four Twenty Seven worked with five state agencies to identify and protect at-risk workers from the impacts of extreme events such as storms, floods, and high temperatures. Based on an evaluation of existing policies, key informant interviews, and surveys, Four Twenty Seven provided recommendations to more explicitly incorporate climate considerations, share agency good practices, and strengthen the fundamentals of current policies and procedures by improving processes for policy development, implementation, and enforcement. The findings from this project will be used to inform state agencies’ consideration of next steps with regard to health, safety and climate change.

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USAID Climate Change Adaptation, Thought Leadership and Assessment Project

The US Agency for International Development (USAID) calls for consideration of climate risks in its regional and country strategies as well as its sector programs and projects. To support this effort, Four Twenty Seven reviewed existing vulnerability assessment approaches and developed a typology and framework of approaches. The framework helps USAID staff navigate existing vulnerability assessment methods (including considerations related to data, timeframes, required expertise, and outputs) in order to support the design of fit-for-purpose vulnerability assessments to enable the development of climate-resilient in-country investments.

USAID Climate Integration Support Facility

USAID, Integra, Abt

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has designed a new mechanism to support the resiliency of its programming. The Climate Integration Support Facility (CISF) is a multi-award, Blanket Purchase Agreement with an overall ceiling price of $49.9 million, providing technical and advisory services to USAID Bureaus and Missions to integrate mandated climate risk considerations into strategies, projects, and activities around the globe. Four Twenty Seven is a partner on the consortiums led by Integra and Abt to provide climate risk assessments that will help inform adaptation decision-making within USAID programs.

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