Four Twenty Seven Wins Risk Markets Technology Award

NOVEMBER 27, 2018 – LONDON, UK – Four Twenty Seven Wins Risk Markets Technology Award for Alternative Data Vendor of the Year for 2019.

Four Twenty Seven was awarded the 2019 Risk Markets Technology Award for Alternative Data Vendor of the Year. The Risk Awards are the longest-running and most prestigious among industry commendations,  recognizing leadership in the global derivatives markets and in risk management.

Investors who wish to develop a fully-informed view of their portfolios need forward-looking data on the impacts of climate change on corporations and public issuers that incorporate the most recent developments in climate science. Risk Magazine recognized Four Twenty Seven’s  work to fill this void. “Rapid intensification of the effects of both acute climate events like hurricanes and wildfires and chronic effects like sea level rise and increases in temperatures present an increasingly meaningful type of exposure for investors,” said Emilie Mazzacurati, Four Twenty Seven Founder and CEO. “This risk is currently only priced into the market ex post – we see corrections in asset prices in the wake of events only to the extent that their exposure to these events is known.”

Four Twenty Seven helps firms price the risk ex ante by extracting data from global climate models and other scientific datasets to project asset-level risk exposure to a number of hazards, including hurricane-force winds, sea level rise, flooding, heat stress and water stress. Four Twenty Seven’s database of risk exposures, now scores over one million corporate facilities representing 2,000 of the worlds largest companies, combining exposure with detailed data on market and supply chain characteristics.

“Our data is catalyzing change across the financial sector,” said Mazzacurati. “Our analytics help leading investors and corporations understand climate change’s impact on their assets and take steps to reduce this risk by investing in resilience.” Four Twenty Seven’s clients include pension funds, asset managers, corporations, development banks and regulators, who use our analytics to understand risks in their existing portfolios, assess risks of potential asset acquisitions and engage with management teams to build resilience in supply chains and physical assets.

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