PRI Webinar: Measuring and Managing Physical Climate Risk

This PRI webinar, hosted in conjunction with DWS, discusses recent research in identifying physical climate risks and integrating this information into investment decisions. DWS shares its process for leveraging Four Twenty Seven’s equity risk scores to create a climate-optimized index.


  • Murray Birt, ESG Thematic Research Strategist at DWS, breaks down physical climate risk and its financial impacts.
  • Emilie Mazzacurati, Founder & CEO of Four Twenty Seven, presents a methodology for assessing and visualizing climate risk in portfolios.
  • Edward Baker, Senior Policy Advisor at PRI, shares new investor data on climate risk reporting under the TCFD recommendations.
  • Gerold Koch, Director of Passive Product Development at DWS, discusses DWS’ strategy for creating a climate-optimized index.
  • Jessica Elengical, Head of ESG Strategy, Alternatives at DWS, speaks about the impacts of physical climate risks on real estate investments.