GARI Releases Draft Investor Guide

The Global Adaptation & Resilience Investment Working Group (GARI), of which Four Twenty Seven is a founding member, developed an Investor Guide to Physical Climate Risk and Resilience and a discussion paper highlighting innovations in adaptation, investment and climate resilience. Four Twenty Seven CEO Emilie Mazzacurati is a  lead author on the draft investor guide, which was released this week at COP23. The final 2017 Investor Guide will be released in Paris this December.

This paper is  an introduction to physical climate risk and how it applies to investors. Serving as a concise conversation starter, the five-page paper outlines three steps for investors to begin addressing physical climate risk: know what physical climate risk is, know why physical climate risk and resilience matter to investors and begin to assess, disclose and act. The report emphasizes how important it is for investors to get started and take the first steps to understand and manage risk.

GARI was launched at COP21 in conjunction with the UN Secretary General’s A2R Climate Resilience Initiative, with the goal of bringing together private investors, climate experts and other stakeholders around the challenges and opportunities that climate change presents to investors. In 2016 the group’s discussions culminated in a paper, “Bridging the Adaptation Gap,” describing measurement of physical climate risk and highlighting examples of  current investments in climate adaptation.

Download the draft Investor Guide.

GARI welcomes feedback on this public draft. Please contact Emilie Mazzacurati with comments or for more information.