Bridging the Adaptation Gap

GARI maps opportunities to invest in climate adaptation and resilience

The Global Adaptation & Resilience Investment Working Group (GARI) was launched at Paris COP21 in conjunction with the UN Secretary General’s A2R Climate Resilience Initiative. GARI brings together private investors and other stakeholders to focus on the practical intersection of investment and climate adaptation and resilience.

At COP22, GARI released Bridging the Adaptation Gap, a discussion paper focused on (1) Approaches to Measurement of Physical Climate Risk and (2) Examples of Investment in Climate Adaptation and Resilience” and summarizes the discussions of over 150 private investors and other stakeholders who met five times in 2016. Four Twenty Seven served as a contributing author to the paper.

The survey showed that over 70% of private investors surveyed see both risk and investment opportunity from the impact of climate change.  According to GARI, 78% of 101 surveyed investors and other stakeholders thought evaluating the physical risk from climate change was “very important,” while 70% would consider making investments that supported adaptation to climate change or climate change resilience now.

The report identifies six different approaches to measuring physical climate risk and reveals that respondents consider transparency and practicality the most important factors in approaches to assess physical climate risk.  It also catalogs existing infrastructure, corporate, and fixed asset investments that support adaptation and resilience to climate change.  Over 60% of respondent investors are considering investments today in resilient infrastructure and in companies whose products address the impact of climate change on water, agriculture, healthcare, energy, and financial services.

Download the discussion paper.

Read the press release.

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