Newsletter: From Data to Action – Climate Adaptation in 2015


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From Data to Action: Climate Adaptation in 2015

2015 brought swooping changes in the world of climate resilience from public and private sector leaders. Read our round up of this year’s critical developments and how they will continue to shape our efforts to build social resilience and adapt to climate change in the future.

Read our blog: From Data to Action: Climate Adaptation in 2015

Corporate Adaptation at COP21

Our report on Responsible Corporate Adaptation, developed in cooperation with the UN Global Compact, UNFCC, and UNEP, was published last week at COP21. It makes the business case for responsible corporate adaption – learn more about strategies and read the Triple Pundit. feature

From the Desk of Emilie

What a glorious way to end the year! I’m confident the Paris agreement will be seen as a turning point for global climate policy. Yet I’m also well aware of the challenges that remain ahead of us — 1.5 ̊ or 2 ̊ C of climate change will still bring momentous change to the world as we know it, and these aggressive targets are a clear acknowledgement that climate change is already under way. Building resilience remains a critical priority for all of us.


We’re proud of what we accomplished in 2015, in particular award-winning products on climate and human health and or thought-leadership reports and presentations on climate data and business resilience. We’re also grateful for how much recognition has come for the need for climate adaptation locally and globally – and are ready to tackle the challenge for 2016!

Until then, we wish you a very happy holiday season!

Emilie and the Four Twenty Seven team

Ban Ki-moon’s initiative aims to strengthen climate resilience of the world’s most vulnerable countries and people


Water Climate Nexus

A new initiative to build climate resilience in the world’s most vulnerable countries was launched today by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and 13 members within the UN system at COP21…

The newly announced program, the  UN Secretary-General’s Climate Resilience  Initiative – Anticipate, Absorb, Reshape – will help address the needs of the nearly 634 million people.. in at-risk coastal areas just a few meters above existing sea levels, as well as those living in areas at risk of droughts and floods… Continue Reading

United States Announces it Will Double Grant-Based, Public Climate Finance for Adaptation

Department of State
As of 2014, the United States invested more than $400 million per year of grant-based resources for climate adaptation in developing countries. These investments provide support – through both bilateral and multilateral channels – to vulnerable countries to reduce climate risks in key areas, including infrastructure, agriculture, health and water services.

Today’s commitment to double that figure by 2020 is a component of an existing commitment by developed countries to jointly mobilize $100 billion per year by 2020.

The announcement mentions the importance of climate data tools in evaluating the impacts of climate change and highlighting their ability to highlight resilience strategies for those most at risk.

Full Announcement from  Department of State 

Partners In Paris

Our team had the privilege of working our with news-making partners in climate resilience and adaptation from around the world.  Here are some highlights from their work:

Healthy Planet, Healthy People

The impacts of climate change on human health was a major discussion in Paris. As the international community considered risks of emissions one trend remains clear; the impacts of pollution will be felt most by  the world’s children, elderly and marginalized.  

Climate Resilience Roundtable

Emilie joined a roundtable on the global negotiations organized by C2ES in Paris. C2ES is known for its insightful analysis and leadership on climate issues and their events helped shape the COP21 conversation. Check out C2ES’ outcome summary from the conference and learn more about how we are partnering to understand how businesses are building resilience.

ND-GAIN Climate Corporate Adaptation

Our COP21 report on Responsible Corporate Adaptation benefited from the thoughtful input from many editorial partners, including from Joyce Coffee at the Notre Dame Global Adaptation Index (ND-GAIN). Check out Joyce’s blog on how the conference was A Chance in Paris to Save Lives and Improve Livelihoods through Climate Adaptation.

More about the context of the meeting from Our Report.


Climate Data

Public climate data is critical to empowering and enabling private sector and community adaptation. The NOAA Climate Data Sphere at the US Pavilion at COP21 was a beautiful representation of the unrelenting efforts from NOAA, NASA, and the White House Office of Science Technology Policy to make this data available to the world.

Learn how we are using climate data as part of our commitment to the White House Climate Data Initiative.

Meet Our Team: Yoon Kim


We’re excited to welcome a new member to our team, Yoon Kim! Yoon brings over ten years of experience working in international climate adaptation. She also recently worked on the implementation plan for ocean and coastal adaptation policy under Safeguarding California.

With Four Twenty Seven, Yoon is responsible for business development and partnerships to project management, analysis and delivery for California and global climate adaptation projects.

Moving Day!

It’s the new year, and with it come changes! Our expanding team and exciting projects are moving into a beautiful new location Downtown Berkeley. Reach us in 2016 in our new location at: 2000 Hearst Ave, Ste 304, Berkeley CA 94709.

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