Newsletter: Measuring Vulnerability and Resilience


Join us for ND-GAIN Annual Meeting on Nov 5 in Washington, DC
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What gets measured gets managed.

Measuring vulnerability and resilience is a crucial first step towards climate adaptation, and yet one of the most elusive tasks adaptation professionals face.

On November 5th, the Notre-Dame Global Adaptation Index will release an improved version of its navigation tool. The Index helps corporate and development leaders manage risks exacerbated by climate change such as over-crowding, food insecurity, inadequate infrastructure and civil conflicts. The new Index comes with a revamped set of over 50 variables and ranks over 175 countries annually based on how vulnerable they are to droughts, super-storms and other natural disasters and, uniquely, how ready they are to successfully implement adaptation solutions.

Join us for ND-GAIN’s annual meeting “Adapting to Global Shifts” in Washington, DC – friends of Four Twenty Seven get a free pass with the promocode ndgain.
Brazilian Drought Threatens Coffee Exports

The global economy again reminds us of the importance of adapting to new climate realities as a deep drought settles into Brazil. While some cities have initiated emergency water supply measures, crops have suffered, sending the price of coffee skyrocketing and the latest weak harvest of sugarcane is not far behind. The ripples have been felt throughout the financial world as futures prices on coffee hit a 32-month high and Indonesian coffee exports boom in response. Without a backup plan, Starbucks and Smuckers were both forced to raise their prices to accommodate increased costs from the largest single source of coffee beans in the world. Coffee houses buying African, Indonesian, and Mexican coffee beans will have a clear advantage in the coming months.

Is your company vulnerable to drought in its supply chain? Find out!

Four Twenty Seven News: Meet the Team

Four Twenty Seven welcomes Colin Gannon as a Climate Data Analyst. Colin specializes in quantitative analysis and the dissemination of climate information. A graduate of Columbia University’s Master of Arts in Climate and Society, he has experience working with climate models and tailoring climate data for stakeholders at a local level. Prior to Four Twenty Seven, Colin worked at the Red Cross/ Red Crescent Climate Centre where he authored a report on near-term climate change in Zambia and its sector-specific impacts. Colin also has a Bachelor of Science from Bryant University where he completed a thesis under the NASA Rhode Island Space Grant program on the topics of geochemistry and applied paleoclimatology.

About Us

Four Twenty Seven provides innovative tools and services to organizations seeking to understand climate impacts, assess risks to their operations or their stakeholders, and increase their resilience by developing and implementing climate adaptation measures. Contact us to develop your corporate climate risk management strategy.


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Where we’re going

Nov 4, 2014 – United Nations Global Compact U.S. Network Symposium in New York, NY.
Panel: “Addressing Climate Risks in the Supply Chain”

Nov 5, 2014 – ND-GAIN Annual Meeting Adapting to Global Shifts in Washington, D.C.
Panel: “Business Continuity Planning – Preparing to Avoid Disaster”

Dec 9, 2014 – Northwest Environmental Conference 2014 in Portland, OR.
Panel: “Hot topics – Climate Change as a Business Risk.”

Jan 7-9, 2015 – 4th Annual Defense, National Security & Climate Change Symposium, in Washington, DC.
Bootcamp: Assessing and Managing Climate Risks in the Defense Supply Chain.