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Tools to Manage Climate Risks
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Tools to Manage Climate Risks

Big data meets big storms as US cities bear intense and untimely floods. 

Record-breaking rainfall this past week paralyzed transportation hubs and gridlocked the flow of people, goods and services across the Great Lakes, mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions of the country. Such events, which are occurring in ever-greater frequency, have prompted the White House to launch the Climate Data Initiative,  a public-private partnership effort to unleash a lineup of government data resources and tools to help farmers, communities and cities better understand their exposure and sensitivity to climate change. These free and open maps and apps are rolling out at

This new data comes on top of the new federal resources, grants and tools specifically intended to help local communities prepare for climate impacts announced mid-July by President Obama. Adaptation strategies must be informed by local conditions and site-specific data in order to be successfully implemented – one of the reasons this new federal funding is so critical.
Read more about our analysis on climate risk tools in our blog post: Obama Commits to Building Resilience – From the Ground Up. 

Tools and Concepts to Manage Climate Risks in Global Supply Chains

Global shifts like population growth, natural resource constraints and extreme weather are creating new challenges for corporations with global supply chains, causing disruptions, delays and cost increases.

Four Twenty Seven is hosting a free webinar to discuss these issues, “Tools and Concepts to Manage Climate Risks in Global Supply Chains,” in partnership with Climate Earth, Notre Dame Global Adaptation Index (ND-GAIN) and the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute (GHGMI).
The webinar will provide:
1) A practical framework to understand climate change risk
2) A look inside the quantitative tools that map and assess  climate risk in a supply chain

Join us for this hour-long, informative session:
September 17th at 11:00 am Pacific / 2 pm Eastern Standard Time or
September 19th at 9:00 am China Standard Time / 11:00 am Australia Eastern Time.
Click here to register.

Four Twenty Seven News: Meet the Team

Nik Steinberg joins Four Twenty Seven as a Senior Climate Analyst. Nik is an expert in environmental data analysis and natural resources management. His experience lies in integrating climate change into decision-making and risk management processes through innovative assessment methodologies and risk modeling tools. Nik has worked in South Asia, Latin America, and California with various development and regulatory agencies guiding the hydrological component of climate change analysis and impact evaluation.With Four Twenty Seven, Nik will lead the development of climate risk screening tools for corporate partners seeking to predict and better understand the impacts of climate change. 

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We will also be at the Building the Resilient City Conference in San Francisco, CA September 4-5 and the 5th Annual Pacific Northwest Climate Science Conference in Seattle, WA, September 9-10.

Last but not least, don’t miss ACCO’s Rising Seas Summit in New York, NY, September 24-56 where Four Twenty Seven will co-teach a bootcamp on materiality assessment and climate risk disclosure.



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