ARCCA Learning Session: SB-379 Implementation

ARCCA Learning Session - SB-379 ImplementationMarch 29, 2017
SB-379 is a California law that calls on cities and counties to incorporate adaptation and resilience strategies into local hazard mitigation plans and the safety element of general plans. This learning session discusses the requirements and timeline for SB-379 implementation, as well as replicable strategies and good practices to integrate adaptation into local planning.


TCFD Recommendations – What You Need to Know

TCFD Recommendations - What You Need to KnowJanuary 12, 2017
How will the disclosure recommendations developed by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures be put into action? Four Twenty Seven presents key recommendations from TCFD and discuss feasibility, next steps, and issues to consider for implementation. Learn about best practices, innovative tools and emerging methodologies to assess carbon and climate risk at the corporate and portfolio level.


Tools and Concepts to Manage Climate Risks in Global Supply Chains

Supply Chain RiskSeptember 14, 2014
This webinar gives participants both a practical framework to understand the impacts of climate change on businesses and supply chains, and the tools to assess and manage supply chain climate risk. Key topics include corporate climate risk management and adaptation, modeling the supply chain, country climate risk index, and commodity exposure to climate change.

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