Our Team


Emilie Mazzacurati

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Emilie is an entrepreneur and an expert in the field of climate adaptation and resilience. She founded Four Twenty Seven to bring climate risk analytics to private sector decision-makers and enable the incorporation of climate science into economic and financial decisions. With Four Twenty Seven, she pioneered the development of standardized climate risk assessments for multinational corporations and financial institutions. Her work mixes rigorous economic analysis and creative data visualization to help businesses and communities understand climate risks and develop an effective climate resilience strategy.

Emilie is a frequent speaker at international events on private sector climate risk and opportunities and also served as a member of the state of California’s Technical Advisory Group for the implementation of Governor Brown’s Executive Order on climate change (EO B-30-15). She teaches at the University of California, Davis Executive MBA on Business & Climate Change.

From 2007 to 2012, she was Head of Carbon Analysis at Thomson Reuters Point Carbon, where she directed Point Carbon’s research department in the U.S. Emilie conceived and launched Point Carbon’s successful North American carbon market research series. She has published extensively on California climate policy and carbon markets, climate risks in the private sector, and the interaction of carbon with other commodity markets.

Emilie holds a Master of Political Science from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris and a Master’s of Public Policy from the Goldman School of Public Policy at University of California (UC), Berkeley. She is a Certified Global Reporting Initiative Reporter. She was a finalist for the Cartier Women’s Global Initiative in 2014 for women entrepreneur, and received the Visionary Award from the City of Berkeley, CA in 2016.

Email: emazzacurati@427mt.com

Colin Shaw

Colin Shaw

Chief Operating Officer

Colin Shaw is COO at Four Twenty Seven, where he oversees product development as well as operations and finances. After 15 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions, business risk and exposure, and actuarial science in the private sector, Colin applied his skills to focus on climate change risk measurement, risk mitigation, and adaptation efforts.He leverages his dual background in business and climate change to coordinate the development of Four Twenty Seven’s climate risk intelligence platform, which integrates financial, climate and socioeconomic data for investors and corporate users.

He also has oversight on all finance, human resources, and procurement processes, as well as the design of financial models and tools to support investor relations, revenue pipeline development, and contributes to streamlining company strategy, marketing, and business development.

Previously, Colin spent eight years in Transaction Services at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC TS), working on over 200 mergers and acquisitions ranging in size from $5 million to $40 billion in enterprise value. At PwC TS, Colin specialized in Human Resources and employee-related business risks and exposures, building on his previous seven years of experience as a consulting pension actuary, also with PwC.

Colin has a Master’s of Development Practice (MDP) in Sustainable Economic Development at the University of California, Berkeley, and an “Engineering and Business for Sustainability” Certificate from University of California, Berkeley. His Master’s research was focused on the impact of rising temperatures on human mortality and labor productivity in India. He received a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 1999 and became an Enrolled Actuary with the Internal Revenue Service in 2007.

Email: cshaw@427mt.com

Yvonne Burgess

Yvonne Burgess

Chief Systems Architect

Yvonne Burgess has over 25 years experience in information systems, project management and organization development with specialties in strategic systems planning, software project management and managing complex technical & organizational evolution. As Four Twenty Seven’s Chief System Architect, Yvonne is guiding the development of our data architecture, modeling and product roadmap for a new generation of analysis and client delivery technology. She leads the design and development of secure online business intelligence solutions, working with the research team, translating requirements, designing database, ETL and client deliverables.

Yvonne’s expertise includes all phases of systems planning, design, development, implementation & operation in large & small, startup & mature, industrial, government & non-profit, local, national & international concerns. Her skills foster cooperation across boundaries, develop planning and execution capability within technical organizations and address other challenges that demand communicating issues of organizational and technical complexity in an environment of dynamic change.

Yvonne has worked with a variety of start-ups in the past. With Climate Earth, Inc., she focused on translating the complexities of full supply chain Economic Input-Output and environmental modeling to provide clients with visibility to their cradle-to-gate environmental impacts.. Other startups include Apisphere, Inc. where, as co-founder and COO, she helped conceive and launched the development of location-awareness services for mobile business applications and devices, innovations eventually incorporated into the mobile infrastructure of a major telecommunications firm, and Meedan, Inc., developers of digital tools for global journalism using a hybrid human-machine translation approach, where she served as COO during a critical time during the early stage, stabilizing the corporate Board, technology team, product definition and communication processes.

Yvonne holds a Master of Science in Systems Management in organization development and information technology from the University of Southern California, as well as a Bachelor of Business Administration plus other degrees in computer science & systems and mathematics.

Email: yburgess@427mt.com

Yoon Kim

Yoon Hui Kim, Ph.D.

Director of Advisory Services

Yoon is an adaptation expert with ten years of experience supporting the integration of climate change into planning and decision-making in the Caribbean, West and East Africa, South and Southeast Asia, and the U.S. (primarily in California).

At Four Twenty Seven, she works with local and state governments to deliver climate vulnerability assessments and adaptation policy consulting. Yoon is also responsible for activities ranging from business development and partnerships to project management, analysis, and delivery.

In her previous capacity at the California Ocean Science Trust, Yoon developed the Ocean and Coastal Resources and Ecosystems Sector Plan for implementing the recommendations in Safeguarding California, the State’s 2014 update to its Adaptation Strategy, in close collaboration with the Ocean Protection Council and other state coastal agencies. Prior to the Ocean Science Trust, she supported several U.S. Agency for International Development projects focused on promoting the integration of adaptation considerations into Agency, national, and sectoral planning and policy-making through the development and implementation of technical resources as well as stakeholder engagement and capacity building activities.

Yoon has published several publications and presentations including:

  • Y. Kim, J. Smith, et al., forthcoming. A Perspective on Climate-resilient Development and National Adaptation Planning Based on USAID’s Experience, Climate and Development.
  • Promoting Coastal Adaptation and Resilience in California (poster), National Adaptation Forum, St. Louis, May 2015
  • Promoting Resilient Coasts: An Example from California, American Shore and Beach Preservation Association 2015 Coastal Summit: Advocating for Resilient Coasts, Washington, DC, February 2015
  • Harmonizing a Climate Resilient Development Approach with Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Planning, 2013.
  • B. Mcintyre, Y. Kim, J. Fruci, E. Rosenthal, 2011. The best-laid plans: Climate change and food security, Climate and Development, 3:4, 281-4.

She is a member of the American Society of Adaptation Professionals and served as a reviewer for the Asia chapter of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Fifth Assessment Report (AR5). Yoon holds a Master’s and Ph.D. in International Development from the University of Oxford.

Email: ykim@427mt.com

Nik Steinberg

Nik Steinberg

Director of Analytics

Nik brings deep expertise in impact modeling and water and climate risk analysis. As a researcher, Nik has served with NASA, U.S. Department of State, Pacific Gas & Electric, and the Millennium Challenge Corporation. His work focuses on ways to assess climate and development induced risk through advanced statistics, climate change modeling, life-cycle, input-output and footprinting methods.

With Four Twenty Seven, he leads the research team and guides the modeling efforts to assess the attributable impacts of climate change on human health, supply chains, infrastructure, and the natural environment.

He regularly presents on the challenges and opportunities of incorporating climate risk into decision-making, and recently published a book chapter on identifying and managing climate risks in global supply chains.

Nik earned a Master’s degree from American University in Water Resources Management, a Master’s degree from United Nations Universidad para la Paz in Natural Resources and Sustainable Development.

Email: nsteinberg@427mt.com


Alejandra Calzada

Alejandra Calzada Vázquez Vela

Climate Adaptation Senior Analyst

Alejandra is part of the Advisory Team at Four Twenty Seven. As a Senior Analyst, she has supported adaptation and resilience processes in cities in California and conducted an extensive literature review for a World Bank project that focused on resilience investments. She is currently working on analyzing past adaptation projects that have been financed by a well-known foundation in the US. Alejandra also supports Four Twenty Seven’s ongoing research and other special projects.

Before joining Four Twenty Seven, she worked as a consultant for various non-profit and government institutions in the United States and Mexico. During this time, she designed and facilitated workshops for participatory planning, created guidance materials for climate adaptation, used mixed research methods to inform better-decision making for organizations, and created reports around ongoing climate policies and processes in Mexico. Prior to that, she worked at Mexico’s National Commission for Protected Areas (CONANP) where she supported various projects for improving protected area management with a climate change lens.

Alejandra’s background is in natural resources, protected areas and ecosystem services with a focus on climate change adaptation and resilience. She earned a Master’s Degree in Conservation from Colorado State University and El Colegio de la Frontera Sur in Mexico and a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Universidad Simon Bolivar in Mexico City.

Email: acalzada@427mt.com


Kendall Starkman

Climate Adaptation Senior Analyst

Kendall has worked with utility, nonprofit and local government clients to help visualize and action-orient their goals and strategies. With her facilitation background, she naturally brings structure to processes that allow for productive conversation and practical, yet refreshing solutions and strategies.

At Four Twenty Seven, Kendall specializes in translating technical information and data into compelling and actionable research and reports. Her knowledge of regional and local government issues and planning processes, especially with regard to the water and emergency management sectors, also fuels informed policy recommendations for Four Twenty Seven clients, partners, and tools. Her experience supporting the development of a climate adaptation program at the Philadelphia Water Department grounds her understanding of the internal agency drivers that influence action on adaptation.

Kendall has a Master’s of Environmental Management from the Nicholas School of Environment at Duke University and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from UCLA. Her graduate research, on how proven energy efficiency financing mechanisms can inform innovative financing models for voluntary green stormwater infrastructure projects in the U.S., motivated her deep understanding of resilience finance.

Email: kstarkman@427mt.com


Daniela Vargas Mallard

Senior Analyst

Daniela Vargas Mallard is a Senior Analyst at Four Twenty Seven, where she supports ongoing research, product development and business strategy, as well as other special projects. She leverages her dual background in business strategy and environmental sustainability to collaborate in the development of Four Twenty Seven’s products, which integrate financial, climate and socioeconomic data for investors and corporate users.

Prior to joining Four Twenty Seven, Daniela spent two years as a Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company, where she worked in multiple projects across sectors, ranging from public health to oil and gas, and across geographies, from South Africa to Brazil, consistently specializing herself in corporate and government strategy.

Daniela holds a Master in Development Practice (MDP) in Sustainable Economic Development at the University of California, Berkeley. Her Master’s research was focused on the linkages between municipal solid waste recycling and the circular economy. She also holds a Master in Management from the French Business School EDHEC, which she received in 2011 in Paris, France. Daniela is fluent in Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

Email: dvargasmallard@427mt.com

Colin Gannon

Colin Gannon

Climate Data Analyst

Colin Gannon has a background in applied climate science, utilizing computational statistics, geospatial analysis, and business intelligence applications to process, analyze, and communicate climate and environmental data.

At Four Twenty Seven, Colin assesses clients’ specific climate risk over space and time, and works with the research and development team to build products which integrate the most recent climate change datasets and research into a user-friendly interface. Colin is also involved in Four Twenty Seven’s publication process, contributing to reports relating to specific climate change impacts and adaptation strategies.

Prior to Four Twenty Seven, Colin worked at the Red Cross/ Red Crescent Climate Centre where he authored a report on near-term climate change in Zambia and its sector-specific impacts.

Colin has a Master of Arts degree in Climate and Society from Columbia University, and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from Bryant University, where he completed a thesis through the NASA Rhode Island Space Grant program on the topics of geochemistry and applied paleoclimatology.

Email: cgannon@427mt.com

Katy Maher

Katy Maher

Manager, Advisory Services

Katy has more than ten years of experience supporting climate change impacts and resilience projects at international, federal, state and local levels. Katy works closely with Four Twenty Seven’s public and private sector clients to conduct vulnerability assessments, develop resilience strategies, and facilitate stakeholder workshops. Her expertise also includes convening public and private sector organizations to facilitate discussion and planning on climate resilience. Prior to joining Four Twenty Seven, Katy coordinated resilience projects at the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES), where she brought together businesses, cities, states, and other key stakeholders in the climate resilience planning processes. Prior to joining C2ES, she worked for ICF International assisting a range of clients – including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Highway Administration, U.S. Agency for International Development, and state and local governments – in assessing climate change risks and developing resilience solutions.

Katy has a Master’s of Environmental Science and Management from the Bren School at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the College of Wooster.

Email: kmaher@427mt.com

Josh Turner

Josh Turner, MA

Climate Data Analyst

Josh Turner’s background is in atmospheric science and climate change, and translating that knowledge for use in various applications. Josh’s expertise is in climate data analysis and communication of complex scientific information.

At Four Twenty Seven, Josh is a part of the research team as a Climate Data Analyst, working with data to assess specific climate risk assessments for clients. Josh is also tasked with curating datasets, applied data analysis, and developing written and visual materials for clients and stakeholders.

Before joining Four Twenty Seven, Josh worked with the Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre at establishing a preliminary climate risk assessment for anticipatory humanitarian action in Lomé, Togo. Josh has extensive prior research experience on a variety of atmospheric phenomena including the hydrological cycle, the Urban Heat Island effect, aerosols, and the Great Plains Low Level Jet.

Josh has a Master of Arts degree in Climate and Society from Columbia University and Bachelor of Science degrees in Meteorology and Applied Mathematics.

Email: jturner@427mt.com

Natalie Ambrosio

Natalie Ambrosio

Climate Adaptation Analyst

With a background in environmental science, communications and climate adaptation, Natalie specializes in translating the implications of scientific research for a wide range of audiences.

At Four Twenty Seven, Natalie’s research supports product development, clarifying the link between climate change and its tangible impacts. She contributes to projects and publications covering adaptive capacity, analyzing adaptation policy, and connecting actions to outcomes.

Before joining Four Twenty Seven, Natalie was a research assistant at the Notre Dame Global Adaptation Initiative (ND-GAIN) where she helped to develop a nationwide assessment of cities’ vulnerabilities to climate change hazards and their readiness to adapt. She also led the implementation of an urban adaptation ambassador program, preparing undergraduate students to gather qualitative information for the ND-GAIN team while serving as a voice of climate adaptation in their hometowns.

Natalie has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from the University of Notre Dame, where she also completed the Gallivan Program in Journalism, Ethics and Democracy.

Email: nambrosio@427mt.com


Sara O’Connell

Operations Manager

Sara has over five years of operations management experience in the technology sector and is passionate about building strong foundations and improving company systems.

At Four Twenty Seven, Sara is responsible for keeping operations running effectively and supports a wide variety of special project initiatives including building communications and workflow systems related to business development and product management.

In addition to her role with the company, Sara currently works as a research assistant at Stanford Psychophysiology Laboratory. Prior to joining Four Twenty Seven, Sara held operational roles at startups ApplePie Capital and Pixalate.

Sara has a BA in Communications from Portland State University.

Email: soconnell@427mt.com

Jamie Carson

Jamie Carson

Marketing Manager

For more than a decade, Jamie Carson has advised associations, companies, government offices, nonprofits, and universities on their communication, brand and creative, events, media and public relations, and outreach efforts.

At Four Twenty Seven, Jamie manages the company’s communications strategy, multimedia channels, website, and media/public relations engagement.

In addition to her experience integrating an organization’s communications across channels, her focus has been to create authentic and effective brands and messaging in the sustainability sector. Jamie has supported organizations such as the Climate Leadership Conference, Notre Dame Global Adaptation Initiative (ND-GAIN), The Wilderness Society, and the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Global Climate Change Office and Climate Change Resilient Development (CCRD) project.

Jamie has degrees in mass communications (environmental emphasis) and Spanish from her studies at the Universidad de Guadalajara, University of Nebraska, and Minnesota State University.

Email: jcarson@427mt.com


Camille LeBlanc

Camille LeBlanc

Co-founder and former CEO, Roubini Global Economics

Camille LeBlanc has over 25 years of experience in creating next-generation content experiences as founder, investor, board member, and CEO of start ups that are at the intersection of independent research, media, and technology. s a strategic advisor, Camille brings to Four Twenty Seven extensive expertise in developing and growing innovative information-based businesses that range from global macro economic analysis and advisory services in financial markets to social content distribution platforms in consumer online publishing markets.

A serial entrepreneur, she has founded companies including Roubini Global Economics, the leading independent global macroeconomic research and advisory firm serving public and private sector financial institutions around the world, including central banks, treasury ministries, hedge funds, asset managers, private equity firms, banks, and corporations.

She also founded an award winning B2B social news and marketing technology platform, Blancspot Media, publisher of an industry-first social news application that rose to the No. 2 top selling news app in the U.S., ranked the top No. 5 top selling in 26 countries, promoted as App of the Week worldwide. The company was selected as a top developer by Google, Apple, and Verizon. Investors in her companies include well-known financial sector and financial policy investors as well as a leading Hollywood film producer.

She serves on the board of both Roubini Global Economics and Blancspot Media. Camille has been working with or founding early stage companies since 1992 and is an advisory board member of the Berkeley Startup Cluster, a founding member of Women’s Entrepreneurs of Berkeley and the Proxy Board initiative. She has a BA in economics from the University of Massachusetts and an MA in Information Management Systems from UC Berkeley’s iSchool.

Kate Brown

Kate Gordon

Founder and former Executive Director, Risky Business

Kate Gordon is a nationally recognized expert on the intersection of clean energy and economic development. She advises Four Twenty Seven on climate risk for the economy, corporate resilience, and occasionally works directly as a senior consultant on client projects. Kate also a Senior Advisor at the Paulson Institute, a nonresident Fellow at the Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University, and a regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal as one of the paper’s “Energy Experts.” She also serves on the boards of the American Jobs Project, Vote Solar, and the Center for Carbon Removal.

In 2013, Kate helped to found and lead the “Risky Business Project,” co-chaired by Michael Bloomberg, Henry Paulson, and Tom Steyer, and focused on the economic risks the U.S. faces from unmitigated climate change. Ms. Gordon took on the role of Executive Director of the Risky Business Project as part of her broader role as Senior Vice President for Climate and Energy at The Center for the Next Generation, a non-partisan think tank based in San Francisco, where she worked on California policy development as well as large-scale national communications and research projects.

Earlier in her career Ms. Gordon served as Vice President of Energy and Environment at the Washington D.C.-based Center for American Progress, where helped develop and author policy recommendations related to the Congressional cap-and-trade negotiations, Gulf oil spill, and American Reinvestment and Recovery Act implementation. Prior to CAP, Gordon was the Co-Director of the national Apollo Alliance (now part of the Blue Green Alliance).

Ms. Gordon earned a law degree and a master’s degree in city planning from the University of California-Berkeley, and an undergraduate degree from Wesleyan University.

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